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Brant Bjork’s Top 5 Stoner Rock Bands

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If anyone can be considered an expert of weed-inspired music, it’s Brant Bjork. Not only was he the time keeper behind seminal stoner rockers Kyuss, but continues the tradition with Visto Chino (also featuring his Kyuss bandmate John Garcia). In anticipation of the group’s debut album Peace, out September 3 via Napalm Records, we asked the drummer to pick his top 5 favorite stoner bands. However, Bjork went even further and gave us TWO lists, one of his five favorite stoner rock bands and the other listing his favorite stoner metal bands. Check out both of his lists by clicking the page tabs below.

5. Black Pussy

A new band from Portland, Oregon. I just produced their new record out in the desert. These guys got fire and they mean business. Keep an eye out and your ears open, seriously good.

4. Clutch

The boys in Fu Manchu turned me on to Clutch. Good hard working band. JP is a great drummer and a hell of a guy.

3. Fu Manchu

Scott Hill never cared much for the term “stoner rock.” Funny coming from a guy who helped create the genre and is so damn good at it. I remember the day he sent me a demo for “Ojo Rojo.” I was still in “high” school. “She wanted nothin’ …and I delivered.” If that isn’t quality stoner rock, then I don’t know what is.

2. Monster Magnet

There has been some changes over the years for Monster Magnet, but that’s to be expected from a band that’s been around this long. Spine Of God is a masterpiece. Wyndorf is a lyrical genius. Saw them at CBGB’s in ’91. Wow!

1. Kyuss/Vista Chino

It’s a little shameless, but what the heck. Blues For the Red Sun was a ground shaking record and I feel Vista Chino’s Peace is gonna shake the ground too. All those bong hits paid off.

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